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Reduced to $9.99

PocketPC Installer Professional

PocketPC Installer Professional

The easiest way to create installer files for your Windows Mobile, Smartphone and Windows CE .Net devices !

Incredibly easy-to-use - no scripting required !
Creates a Desktop Installer file and PDA installer files, each containing compressed copies of your .cab and data files.
Intelligent installing of the .Net Compact Framework .cab file.
Add upto 3 background images, to cope with different PDA screen sizes.
Add your own license agreement, registry settings, .cpf file, etc.

Give it a go, our demo lets you try the full version for 30-days.

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Reduced to $2.99

SQLCE Database Viewer

SQLCE Database Viewer

The easiest way to view and edit your device's SQLCE databases, directly on your Desktop !

View and edit the tables, columns and data in your device's SQLCE 2.0 and SQL Server Mobile, and SQLCE Compact Edition v3.5 tables.
Export their data structures (and data) into any ODBC data source.
View and edit your device's registry entries & processes.
Built-in file explorer - the easiest way to view, open and execute the files on your device.

Incredibly easy-to-use, and incredibly powerful.

Features    Download 'SQLCE Database Viewer'   

Latest News June 2010: It's out ! Click here to download our latest version of PocketPC Installer Professional !!

Remember - we don't charge for updates. If you are a registered user of PocketPC Installer or
PocketPC Installer Professional, then do download & upgrade to the latest version of PocketPC Installer Professional. It's free for registered users !

We've also added a new page explaining how to create an installer containing your .Net CF application,
along with the .Net CF .cab file.  Click here to read how to do this.

Note that PocketPC Installer and SQLCE Database Viewer
are not compatible with Windows Phone 7, or Windows 8 phones.

Closed for business

We're sad to announce that we are no longer providing support for our Windows Mobile software.

You can still download 30-day full versions of our software, at hugely reduced prices, but please make sure it fully meets your requirements before purchasing.

Thanks to all of our customers for your custom, suggestions and support over the years.

The PocketPCtoolkit.com team.