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How can I create an installer to deploy my PocketPC application, along with the Compact Framework .cab file ?

No problem !  The PocketPC Installer was designed to let you do exactly this.

It lets you create a single, .exe installer file for your PDA, which contains compressed copies of your .Net CF application, along with the .Net CF .cab file (for example, NETCFv2.ppc.armv4.cab, for Windows Mobile devices), SQLCE .cab files and any other libraries.

All you need to do is to drag'n'drop the .cab files into the PocketPC Installer, and it will do the rest.

No scripting required: Just drag'n'drop your .cab files into the PocketPC Installer.
No dependencies: Your PDA does not require the .Net CF libraries to be installed, for your installer to run.
Intelligent: Each of the .cab files will (by default) only be installed on your device if they aren't already installed.
Efficient: Your installer files contain compressed copies of your .cab files, making this an ideal way to distribute your applications/updates using over-the-air distributions.
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The Desktop Installer

Of course, not all users will want to create an installer that can be stored & run off a memory card. Often, you will want to create an installer for your PDA application which can be run from your Desktop.

No problem.
The PocketPC Installer also creates a Desktop Installer for your application.

Once again, this is one single .exe file, containing compressed copies of all of your .cab & data files (making it an ideal way to distribute your software on your website) but with the functionality to look for an ActiveSync-connected PDA, copy the files to it, then start running the PDA installer file on your device.

Once again, this application does not require any .Net libraries to be installed on your PC, nor any .Net CF libraries to be installed on your PDA.

The only requirement is that your PDA is connected to your computer via ActiveSync.

Two different installers

Two different methods of installing your application, along with the .Net CF .cab files, onto your device.
Simply choose which of the two installer files is more useful to you, and ignore the other.

It's incredibly easy-to-use, and we'll even show you where we've created your installer files :

Give the 30-day evaluation a go, and see it all in action.